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S I Z E    &    P R I C E    G U I D E

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the size of your portrait;

  • Where will it hang? Is it to go in a large space? Do you want it to have a big impact on the room or is it for a smaller room, a more intimate space?

  • Are you looking for a head study or a full body portrait?

  • How large is your animal? Are we looking at a small terrier or cat or a large St Bernard or a horse?

  • Are you looking at multiple head studies on one portrait?

  • Finally your budget

A selection of portraits ranging in sizes and varying between full bodies, single and multiple head studies


Prices are based on chalk pastel head studies with a plain background. I charge an additional 10% for a mottled coloured background. For detailed backgrounds please contact me directly as these will be priced according to individual requirements.


Prices are based on paper size, your portrait will be proportional to that and sit within the area of the paper.  Sizes can be adjusted to suit the image i.e. a 9 x 12 inch could become an 10.5 x 10.5 inch. I may suggest this where I think appropriate but also if you wish to have a specific size this can be accommodated.

Note : Mounting, framing and postage are an additional cost. Please refer to the Mounting and Framing guide on my website and Postage and Delivery Guide

P R I C E    L I S T    M A Y    2 0 2 4

Paper size (Inches)

8 x 10

9 x 12

11 x 14

12 x 16

16 x 20

18 x 20

One head







Two heads







Three heads







Thank you for your interest, I look forward to discussing your requirements with you

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