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H O W    T O    C O M M I S S I O N    M E

If you would like to commission a portrait, please contact me to discuss in detail, every portrait is unique and personal.


Once contact has been established and your requirements identified it is a very simple process as outlined below:

1. Photos  - I will require the main photo you would like drawn, along with a number of other photos or videos to reflect their personalities. Refer to my Photo Guide to see what is required that makes a good photo. It would be lovely to also have a description of their personality to help me get a true understanding of their character. Final photographs will need to be confirmed 4 weeks ahead of my scheduled start date, I will contact you at this point.  If this date is missed then your portrait will have to be rescheduled and this will affect the previously agreed completion date.  

2. Size and Price - This will need to be decided - See my Size & prices Guide to give you some pointers.


3. Additional information - I will contact you via email requesting essential information i.e. the animals name, whether this is to be included on the portrait, what occasion the portraits is for, any specific dates that need to be considered, whether mounting and framing is required, refer to Mounting and Framing Guide, etc. At this point I can then advise the timescale I can offer you for your commission. Please note the length of my waiting list varies depending on time of year so please bear this in mind if you are looking for a portrait for a specific date or event.


4. Deposit - Following agreement for the commissioned portrait a £100 non refundable deposit will be required to secure your commission slot.   This is a non refundable deposit unless for any reason I am personally unable to undertake this work. 

5. Keeping you posted - I will provide updates in the form of photos and videos clips as your portrait is developing however, if you would prefer one big surprise at the end please do let me know.  Depending on the occasion the portrait is being commissioned for I may ask to use these clips on my social media accounts. 


6. Completion - Once complete I will email a watermarked high quality photo of your portrait for your approval.  It is incredibly important to me that my clients are 100% satisfied with their portrait.  This will be the point where any minor tweaks can be made. Anything drastically different to the original agreement may incur an additional cost.  There will be a limit to the extent of any modifications. 


7. Final Payment - This will be due upon completion. Once payment has cleared and if you are not requiring the mounting or framing service, your portrait will be carefully packaged up and posted on a next day, insured and signed for delivery. Refer to Postage & Delivery for further details.


I retain the copyright to all works commissioned by the client.  No artwork may be produced or altered without my written consent.  I will not produce prints of your work to be sold unless previously discussed and agreed with written consent, however they may be used for display or promotional purposes.

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