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P H O T O    G U I D E

Poppy with water marks.jpg

'Poppy' and her gorgeous puppy eyes

At the end of the day you know your furry friend best, you know their unique and individual characters, their cute quirky looks, their loving expressions, those puppy eyes so the photo you choose needs to show this off.  I will then pull that character out from the photo and bring it to life in pastel or coloured pencil for you. 


To do this I require high quality clear photographs, ideally these will be unedited or cropped and to be in digital format.  I can work from a hard copy if it is close up and sufficiently detailed. Occasionally I can work from poorer quality images but I must emphasize that I would not be able to achieve the same level of realism and detail. I take pride in being able to produce high quality detailed, realistic portraits, so if the photo is not clear enough I will advise.

W H A T    M A K E S    A    G O O D     P H O T O G R A P H

  • High resolution clear images.

  • The closer the better.

  • Natural lighting, artificial light has a tendency to distort colours.

  • A good clear eye – the eye is key to the portrait, it brings the portrait it to life and draws out the character.

  • Photos taken down at your pets level tend to work better. However, if you have a photo taken at a specific angle that you would like for a more unique pose or you feel it captures that certain trait/character you want portrayed then this is fine.

Please see examples of good quality photos below.

Examples of good quality clear photosgraphs

Although I tend to work from one photo I would ask that multiple photos are sent over to help me see the individual character and to be able to check features that may not always be evident in one picture due to lighting, shadows or angle.

Sadly Monty is no longer with us, but these are the photos sent over to show of his wonderful personality and character


Thanks to artistic license I am able to make some minor alterations to photos if required.  I can remove leads or add collars to cats and dogs.  I have shortened tongues. I can adapt headcollars on horses​.  Unfortunately there is a limit to the adaptations and I am not usually able to remove whole bridles as they tend to cover up too may facial features. If there are any modifications you require, please do not hesitate to ask at the outset and I will see what magic I can work.

Princess comparrison.jpg

'Princess Porter' had her headcollar 

upgraded to leather

Archie comparrison.jpeg

'Archie' was lightened up especially around the eye and nose area

Alfie comparrison.jpg

'Alfie' had his tongue reduced in length slightly and his best collar added

H O W    T O    S E N D    P H O T O S

High resolution photos can either be sent to me via email


If they are too large then please send them via 'We Transfer'.  You do not need to sign up for this, click on the link below, use my email address and attach your files. 




Alternatively you can also send them via 'Whats app' to 07919 523192.

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