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P A Y M E N T    P L A N

I realise my portraits can appear expensive, they are a luxury item, a treat.  My portraits cannot be completed in 5 minutes, they take hours, they are highly detailed accurate and lovingly created. I pride myself on producing high quality portraits, using high quality materials and if framed or mounted, using a high-quality professional framer.

My aim is to enable my portraits to be affordable and, where necessary, by offering a payment plan, with no interest added, the price of the portrait is spread over several pre-agreed dates leading to the date work is due to commence with the final payment due upon completion, prior to collection or postage.

If a ‘payment plan’ is something you would like to consider, please let me know with your initial enquiry, I will send you further information on how it will work, and what the installment schedule would be for your completion date.

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