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M O U N T I N G    &    F R A M I N G    G U I D E

A selection of portraits I have done that have been professionally framed or mounted

As standard, your portrait will come unframed as the chance of glass breakage during transit is a risk. There are options to be considered as all portraits are at risk of smudging:

1. It will smudge - As I have mentioned in my Materials section, my portraits are not fixed as the paper I use holds the pastel exceedingly well.  Fixatives have a tendency to dull the pigments of the pastels and I want the colours to remain as vibrant as possible.  This does mean that they WILL SMUDGE so they MUST be handled with extreme care.  They will arrive carefully packaged (See Postage and Delivery Guide) and must be kept that way until they are professionally framed.


2. Mounting - I would recommend for it be mounted, this will enable safer transportation and will come accompanied with guidance on how to handle the portrait prior to framing and for the professional framer. Mounting will be an additional cost.

3. Professional Framing - If you are local to me in Gloucestershire and are able to collect I can arrange framing at an additional cost.  We have an extremely good local professional framer with a wide range of frames and mounts to choose from.  Frame samples can be posted if you are unable to visit.  Please let me know if this is something you wish to include when you make your initial booking. 

If you choose to arrange the framing then a professional framer is essential as they will use high quality, acid free mounts and backings boards to help preserve and give your portrait longevity.  Please also ask them to use a gutter mount, this will sit discreetly at the back of the mounts and provide a tiny gap not visible to the eye for any small particles of pastel dust to disappear into rather than settling on the mount when the portrait is hung.

4. Displaying your portrait - Give careful thought to where you might hang your portrait, direct sunlight and humid conditions are not ideal.  Another consideration when getting your portrait framed is the glazing and anti-reflective glass, especially if your portrait is quite dark as this can appear to enhance the reflectivity.

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