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J U N I O R    P A I N T    &    C R E A T E    W O R K S H O P S

I usually run these workshops in the school holidays.  These are a great way for juniors to explore the medium of acrylics.  We get very adventurous with different mark making tools, not just paint brushes! We use stencils, Lego, sponges, forks, you name it! Sometimes I get brave with the glitter too! The juniors really enjoy this opportunity to experiment.  The paintings are all done step by step so that they can all follow and they get to take their masterpieces home to hang in pride of place!

These sessions are 2 hours, we have a break half way through for refreshments.


I charge £20 per session, all materials are provided. REMEMBER Acrylic paint does not come off clothes once dry so do not send them in their best clothes!

For details of my up and coming classes please see the poster below. To book, please click below;

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C H I L D R E N S    P A I N T    &    C R E A T E    B I R T H D A Y    P A R T I E S

Does your child love art and painting? Have you considered a Paint & Create birthday party? These parties are completely tailored to your requirements, we can paint cats, dogs, unicorns or tractors, the list is endless......


I charge £20 per child for a 2 hour session, with maximum of 12 children (Subject to sufficient additional adult supervision). All materials are provided. Venue hire may be additional depending on location.

To discuss this in further details, please click below;

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